Pretty colors!


The Rubaiyat of Gwendolina Ann
(with apologies to Omar)

A book of blank underneath the geranium,
some Treats for feet, some bath salts -- and Thou,
sock yarn, calling to me with your colorfulness --
And stitch markers! Such Paradise enow!

Oh my goodness, my secret pal has sent some marvelous things! You can't smell it, but the bathing salts smell tremendous - something like fruit salad mixed with a blossoming tree floating on a May spring breeze! The little bag contains some very timely pampering supplies for my isn't-it-still-winter? feet (mmm, vanilla mint!) . A set of wordy stitch markers so cute, so concisely and positively directive. Love! Live! Trust! Laugh! I will enjoy these little upbeat thoughts every time I use them. In fact, I think I may start marking stitches that don't strictly require marking, just so I can break out these little puppies. Believe! Imagine!

And you will have to just Imagine how soft the yarn is, and Believe that it is the most beautiful skein of yarn I have ever met. I am swooning over the clear cool colors, and holding it on my lap right now, softly petting it as if it were a pet. And, this thing of beauty's name is Anne, which is my middle name - clearly this relationship is meant to be. Last but not least, a little blank book, perfect for jotting down all sorts of things, with the characters for "happiness" on the cover. Happiness, indeed! Thank you, my pal! I'm off to rustle through my sock patterns, and pamper my feet!
My Secret Pal Strikes!
Stitch markers! With words!


Hey, sailor.

FO Shizzle

Pattern: A Good Bias, Interweave Knits Spring 2005.

Shrug! It's done.

Actually, I am more excited about this than a simple shoulder wiggle can convey. Initially when I seamed it up, I was concerned about the back laying flat on my back - it wanted to fold under. With some firm blocking, and a little talkin' to, however, the fold became a lovely curve! It fits pretty well, although I might lengthen the underarm seams just a wee bit on each side, so it hugs my shoulders just a little more.

I hope that we have a few unseasonably cool nights left this spring, so I can wear it before wool season rolls around again. Now I kind of wish I had made it out of cotton or a blend. Oh well! *Shrug.*