Clean Sweet

Hi Mom,

Sorry about the longtime, no posting. The amoeba-like quality of this year's Fourth of July put a fullstop to whatever sort of momentum I had going, which wasn't very much to begin with. I have been making some things, and even selling some things. I've had some success, as you know. An item that I made was picked up, and sold almost right away. I've been trying to figure out how to make more of them - the sticking point is that I found the original slip at a thrift store.

I've been catsitting for Mary, which means I've been watching TV over there a little bit while I play with them. I've been watching a bunch of those cleaning/redecorating shows. So far they've inspired me to:

1. Clean my closet. Well, partially anyways. I weeded out my closet and brought three bags over to the thrift store today. I also made a short stack of things that could be ok if I remade them somehow.

2. So I did - I completed one anyways, and have ideas and a list of changes for the others. I made cuter, shorter, tighter pants out of these old long ones. Ankle-length plaid bright pink pants had proven just too much - who'd have thought? Shorter, however, is better.

3. While at the thrift store, I decided to have a quick look around, to see if I could replace some of the summer things that I've worn out. Other people must also have been cleaning their closets out, because I found two great things! The skirt is silk.
Do you think I can wear these items together? You have to imagine it with my big poofy hair and significant earrings. . . these are the times that I wish for a roommate (and yes, the top's sash and straps are Gwen Green).

Talk to you soon!