a Girl-Cozy

Dear Mom,

The winter storm warnings started last Thursday, and the forecast for the next week or so is about the same - rain, ice, and combinations of those two. This weather has not been dramatic, just quietly oppressive. I feel like there are only two colors left, early morning gray which lasts all day, and then night, which begins about 4pm.

I did finish a project this week, though. Here's the North Sea Shawl pre-blocking -

North Sea Shawl

and blocked. I ventured out into the icy park to take some pictures on the way to the coffee shop.

North Sea Shawl

North Sea Shawl

The pattern is in Folk Shawls, and I used 4 skeins of Knitpicks Palette, in Clematis Heather. I really enjoyed this pattern - the lace was really simple, but satisfying, to work. I'm really pleased with it. It's such a surprise, all over, how warm and cozy something with so many holes can be.