FO Happy Together!

I spent most of yesterday on the porch, because the weather was too nice to stay inside. I drank ice tea, knit with a book on my lap, smiled at passersby, sat out a little pop-up thunderstorm, and generally just had a Really Nice Afternoon. I finished binding off the last stitches of the shawl at 8pm. I opted to block it right away even though the only blocking space I have is my bed, figuring I could always sleep on the couch if the shawl wasn't quite dry by the time I wanted to go to sleep. I pinned it out, then danced around with glee. I love this shawl.

By the time I was ready to go to bed, it was dry and it was glorious. I danced around some more, and flounced around, and thought about waking up friends to come see it Right Now (but I didn't). Here are some pictures taken first light this morning, after a little more skipping about on the porch with it and startling the neighbor.

Hello, Parsley!

Hello, Geranium!

Then, this afternoon, we ventured farther afield.

I'm dancing on the inside.

Flower Basket Shawl, made using Schaefer Yarns' Anne from my secret pal.


The shawl looks out the window wistfully, dreaming of the first day when it will be Finished and Worn Outside.


Iowa had something we haven't for a while - rain.
Blue tank mid-frog.

Plague of Frogs

I've been stuck in a knit-n'-frog loop for the last couple weeks. I finished the Branching Out scarf I made Mom (belatedly) for Mother's Day. I have also been knitting on 3 projects simultaneousy: a sock, which, Harlot-style, I took on the little trip west I made last week, knit past turning the heel before deciding that smaller needles would have been better and that maybe I want to use this yarn for something else after all; the flower basket shawl, the back half of which keeps loosing stitches mysteriously despite careful counting and even the presence of lifelines; and a tanktop of blue cotton, which I knit half way up the back before realizing I was making holes with the increases and which I ripped back last night. I've also been sewing more, trying to finish things I started and abandoned a while ago. While home last week, I found a little mini-ironing board in my closet, which has made it a lot more convenient to iron things since I don't have to haul out the full-sized ironing board from the closet each time a pressing need arises. A wee little ironing board for my wee little apartment, and my wee little life. . . Off to a sleepover tonight, and a visit away this weekend!