Squares and Pentagons: The technique to insert the circle can be found at


Circles: Dog treats and Hamburger buns The results of a multipurpose baking day.

Heart: Grandpa's handwork for Ev.


Polyhedron: This was excellently crafted by Molly Crino with the assistance of Katie Crino.They gave this to me during their family's visit here. For the longest time we thought this was a dodecahedron. But we could not get the sides to work out correctly. It is actually this:


Trapezoid: (for Julie "Can you say trapezoid?")

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Dear Mom,

I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the semester.

We had a little Secret Santa/Hanuka party last night, and this was the present that I brought for my target. He's an MST3K fan (that's Mystery Science Theater 3000, where the little silhouettes make fun of bad movies). I intarsia'd up this pillow last week, using this chart. I used some black and white polka-dotted fabric for the back.

The party was a lot of fun. Jenni made latkes and had some babka mailed out from NYC. Yum!

Love, Gwen



Hello? Fellow blogger?

I throw down the dimly lit, photo-taken-by-self-at-arm's-length-in-the-bathroom gauntlet/beret of craft-blogging!

This picture is crying out to be topped! I took it a couple weeks ago after finishing up the Tweed Beret from the Winter 2006 Interweave Knits (the yarn is some Noro something that I had here in the stash). It is perhaps not so evident in this picture, but a poofy beret is, as I suspected, the poofy-haired girl's friend. I finished this hat just in time for the cold snap we experienced, and for the first winter in a while, I actually reached for a hat out of desire to wear it - not just desire to not get cold. I tinkered with the gauge a little, knitting the larger of the sizes, with one size smaller needles for my slightly thinner yarn. If I were to knit this again, I'd want it to be even bigger and even poofier.

I took this picture in my bathroom, as you probably recognize. The bathroom was the scene of an intense little skirmish last night. Imagine my surprise, when, going in bleary-eyed to do my bathroom stuff before bed, I discover a rather focused herd of ants wandering around on the ancient gold-speckled linoleum. Yes, ANTS. In the bathroom, which has no exterior walls, in winter. I have no idea what they were after, but ants' ways are not my ways.

I determined, after a little freaking out, that they seemed to be coming from a crack in the linoleum, so I did what any girl would do. I cleaned up the ants, wiped down the floor, got out some tools and screwed the lineoleum back down to the floorboards on either side of the crack, then engaged in a little midnight caulking. So far, this morning, so good.

Your daughter, the beret wearing, ant-nuking, lone blogging-