Dear Mom,

While you and Dad were Caping and Codding about last week, watching whales and viewing skeletons of whales, I've been concentrating on a mammal of slightly smaller proportions. Poor Walter! Walter, of course, is my girl guinea pig, who came preloaded with little guinea pigs, little baby guinea pigs who I can hear clicking their teeth in there at night. So strange!

My new apartment-mate and I get along swimmingly. In the last week she's learned what it sounds like when I'm walking in the kitchen, and she starts to wheek. Even though her belly is so big, and her poor skin is so stretched, she still likes laptime a lot. I put her on my chest, grab my book, and we hold the sofa down like nobody's business. She's very polite about her bathroom functions too - the one time we had a bit of an accident (I'd had her out of her cage for at least eight pages of Hobbes), she hopped down onto the sofa and looked at me apologetically as the inevitable happened.

Anyways, as the weather's been getting cooler and the babies closer to arriving, Walter's needed some cuddly accessories. Don't worry, I haven't been knitting guinea pig baby booties - argh! could you imagine?! (4 babies @ 4 paws apiece! Although four little hats would be cute . . . )

Nope, I've been whipping out little beds, - "cuddle cups" as they are known within the cavy savvy community. They've been a hit with their target audience. This one is flannel with an extra piece of prequilted fabric in the bottom.

And this one is fleece and mermaid flannel. Both are lined with batting.

I think I'll make a couple more, so I can switch them in and out of the cage as they get damp or dirty. They're good for laptime, too. This is quick and dirty sewing, nothing precise or difficult here, but very satisfying.

Hope you're adjusting back to the land-locked life smoothly!

Love, Gwen