These West Virginia 'Collars'

Hi Gwen,
Because of the WV accent in this region many of the locals pronounce color as collar. This is subtle but to the unpracticed ear the difference is momentarily confusing. A poker face is a must for a northerner lest you look completely daft. And I think there must be a polite limit as to how many times you are allowed to ask "Would you please repeat that?" I will never forget the lady who spoke as if I was deaf and asked "WHERE - DID -YOU- COME- FROM?" Poker face time though I was laughing so hard I could hardly answer her.

Here are some of our local collars.

Dad and I took a leisurely car trip to the highest point in West Virginia, Spruce Knob. The road to the top was a gravel road with no barriers. We stopped all along the way to enjoy the views and to take pictures. Fortunately the day had low humidity so we could see into the distance for many miles. On the way down the backside of the mountain we wandered our way through the wilderness area back to a main highway. A few people were taking advantage of the beautiful weather to camp along the stream areas. Our fall colors are nearly finished now. We have the last of the oaks in their burnt orange and mustard yellows .

When Julie visited WV in late summer she and I went to Jinny Beyer's fabric studio in the suburban Washington DC area. After a hunt for its location we were rewarded with a store filled with lush jewel toned fabrics. These few yards came home with me. How could one resist such beautiful color?

This is an Angel Wing Begonia. It is now living on the hallway table above the entryway. As you look up from the ground level you can see all the red color under the leaves. This may be the first plant I have bought because it looks good from underneath.