Fling, Flung,Flinging

Dear Gwen,

"It was an evening in early October,--one of those first frosty nights when a bright wood fire is so agreeable to contemplate and so more than agreeable to sit in front of. Susan Clegg sat in front of hers, and doubtless thoroughly appreciated its cheerful warmth, but it cannot be said that she took any time to contemplate it, for her gaze was altogether riveted upon the stocking which she was knitting, and which appeared--for the time being--to absorb completely that persevering energy which was the dominant note of her character.
But still the beauty and brilliancy of the leaping flames were not altogether lost upon an unseeing world, for there was another present beside Susan, and that other was full to overflowing with the power of silent admiration. Her little black beady eyes stared at the dancing lights that leapt from each burning log in a species of rapt absorption, and it was only semi-occasionally that she turned them back upon the work which lay upon her lap. Mrs. Lathrop (for of course it was Mrs. Lathrop) was matching scraps for a "crazy" sofa pillow, and there was something as touchingly characteristic in the calmness and deliberation of her matching as there was in the wild whirl which Susan's stocking received whenever that lady felt the moment had come to alter her needles. For Susan, when she knit, knit fast and furiously, whereas Mrs. Lathrop's main joy in relation to labor lay in the sensation that she was preparing to undertake it.
The former altered her needles with a fierce fling, and began: "I must go on 'n' tell you what's on my mind. ... " "
(from "Susan Clegg and Her Friend, Mrs. Lathrop" by Anne Warner)

During the rather long break in our blog much has been happening at the end of the needles. I know you saw a few projects when you came to visit. I have been enjoying the stitching on the quilt top. And I have been seeking to master my new knitting. The quilt is proceeding more predictably than the knitting!
I have been needle flinging here. I agree that it could be an Olympic sport as was undertaken by knitters all over the world during the Winter Olympics this past year. I also had to claim a 'do-over' during this project, which is not allowed under the official rules. This summer tank was started in the early Spring in anticipation of hot Summer weather. As the knitting progressed I really thought I would miss both seasons. Well, I think I just squeaked in under the Summer wire.

This is version one. It is the FiberTrends Basic Tank. The directions knit up very easily. I think it looks like their picture. When I tried it on I was not happy with the fit on me. As you can see the design is a boxy style with minimal design extras. The first step was to reclaim the yarn so I frogged the whole thing. And I started to tinker with the original pattern. I liked how the pattern was simple and straight forward. I built off of the original, adding shaping at the side seams, short rows in the bust area for curves, and a weightier hem finish to help the hang of the garment.

Version two: (Already looks better because of the change in photographers--Dad gets the credit here.) I measured a well fitting tank to determine how much shaping was needed. All of the resulting changes were based on the mathematics of this yarn's gauge. The hem line is the Garter stitch T Twist from Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein. This book and its companion book have enough ideas for a lifetime of knitting... I am wondering if I should date the book like I do my cookbooks, recording when I try a new edge and if I changed its ingredients.

The wrap-up will be the review of my notes and chicken scratches, ordering them into a pattern I can duplicate in another project.

I am so pleased to finally be able to show you this project. But with Tropical storm Ernesto headed up the coast maybe I should be thinking of rain gear. Knitted rain coats...now there is a silly idea.

love, Mom