Plague of Frogs

I've been stuck in a knit-n'-frog loop for the last couple weeks. I finished the Branching Out scarf I made Mom (belatedly) for Mother's Day. I have also been knitting on 3 projects simultaneousy: a sock, which, Harlot-style, I took on the little trip west I made last week, knit past turning the heel before deciding that smaller needles would have been better and that maybe I want to use this yarn for something else after all; the flower basket shawl, the back half of which keeps loosing stitches mysteriously despite careful counting and even the presence of lifelines; and a tanktop of blue cotton, which I knit half way up the back before realizing I was making holes with the increases and which I ripped back last night. I've also been sewing more, trying to finish things I started and abandoned a while ago. While home last week, I found a little mini-ironing board in my closet, which has made it a lot more convenient to iron things since I don't have to haul out the full-sized ironing board from the closet each time a pressing need arises. A wee little ironing board for my wee little apartment, and my wee little life. . . Off to a sleepover tonight, and a visit away this weekend!

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