Tanks for the memories

One half of one blue tanktop. I'm sort of improvising this one as I go along, but I started out using the Mudflap tank for SnB Nation for it's schematics, but took the arm binding off and neckline from a different pattern. I'm expecting this to shrink in on itself and tighten up a bit when I wetblock it, but I'm waiting until I get the second half done so I can make sure they are more or less the same.
The yarn is Patagonia Nature Cotton, from Araucania Yarns (not to be confused with these araucanas). I like this yarn a lot. It's a thick-and-thin bulky, so it's knitting up quickly. I bought three skeins of it, which should be just enough for the tank itself. The plan is to apply some sort of edging along the, er, edges, to neaten things up, and provide a little bit more stability. I don't think I'll have enough of this left over, so will have to go get a little bit of something cottony to finish this off.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I love that Nature Cotton.