Old and New

Dear Gwen,

Thanks for the fun posting. You and Dad seem to share an ability to turn a phrase. My favorites are the limericks in which you two trade lines. Who would have guessed at some of the words that now rhyme in Rudy style.
I found these handkerchiefs at a secondhand shop in Cumberland. They are machine embroidered on an incredibly fine cotton weave. I am trying to decide how the fabric was stabilized to allow this much stitching in one area. I have no clue as to where these were made. They will remain a pretty mystery.

Do you remember the smock that Grandma R. made for you when you were a little girl. It was off white with maroon flowers and trim. You wore it whenever your clothes needed protection. This is the newest version for the 21st century girl.There is plenty of room to grow into it. One of the first things she did was to test the pocket capacity by loading it up with toys. At that point walking was more challenging. We used yours many times as a cover-up at the kitchen counter as you helped with the baking . Your smock shows the remnants of past projects, displaying paint and marker spots. Your crafting days started at a young age.
Love, Mom

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gwendolina said...

I do remember that apron. I remember baking in it, and fingerpainting in it - the messy stuff. I also remember being really fascinated with the button, because it held together THREE pieces of fabric, with TWO buttonholes. This was different from the other buttons in my life at the time. I like version 2.0 (good modeling!).