Recently finished quilt, originally uploaded by Gwedolgirl.

Hi Mom!

This is some unfinished business, finally finished. I think you'll recognize the top - these were the only fabrics I allowed myself to buy the summer I worked at the quilt store (in 2005!). The pattern is "Gingham Rose" from Terri Christopherson's _Mad About Plaid_ booklet. In the right colors, the quilt pattern looks like gingham. The fabrics I chose for the top didn't really ever "read" quite the same way, so when it was time to choose a fabric for the border, I didn't feel it was necessary to use a check or a gingham.

I quilted the top in three or four days with the machine, using the walking foot and cotton machine quilting thread. The batting is 100% cotton, so it got nice and wrinkly after a trip through the washer and drier. It's warm! The project was pretty fast, all told, assuming a body didn't let the top sit around for four years between piecing and quilting. The quilt is about 65" x 75" - just large enough to cover the top of a full-sized bed.


I have another, older, larger top that I'm thinking about attacking the same way. What novelty, this "finishing".


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Renee Anne said...

Gwen, you're hired. Now, show me some yarn!

~ Renee