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Dear Mom,

In the comments, Renee asked to see some KNITTING! And Renee is my friend from Luther, which makes this project doubly for her. The pattern, Rose Wristers, is from _Norwegian Handknits_, which you gave me for Christmas (Do you remember that, from those feverish, flu-ridden days?). The patterns are based on knits from the Vesterheim Museum, in Decorah, Iowa, where Renee and I went to college together.

I was looking through it early one morning after Christmas, waiting for everyone else to get up, when I realized that several of the little historic blurbs and pictures were about people from Boone County, Illinois, our old home territory. I read an excerpt about one pioneer woman, Christie Sleen Tillotson, from the northern part of the county to Katie, who had joined me the kitchen table by this point. Turns out, Christie Sleen Tillotson is Katie's great great or 3 great's grandmother!

The first pattern that I knit from this auspicious book, the rose wristers, were quick and easy. Dave thinks its nice that I used Buffalo Bills colors.



Katie Rudy said...

These are so great, Gwen. Can't wait to see them in person.

geni said...

I agree...these are beautiful. Such a pretty way to stay warm. Mom

Renee Anne said...

I am greatly amused. Norwegian things done up in a book from a Norwegian town that we both went to a Norwegian college in...

Yep. I'm amused. I'll have to share with Megan and Sarah (Conover and Rink, respectively)...as they're both Luther knitters :)

gwendolina said...

I'm on a little self-imposed break from Ravelry right now, Renee, but I've been meaning to post about this book in the Luther group. It's like a knitting Nordicfest in book form.