Another Scarf

Here is another scarf. This was the first warm wooly knit of the fall. It is the Brioche Scarf, again from Weekend Knitting, and the yarn is Cascade Pastaza. I used one skein of each color, which made for a rather abbreviated scarf - but the brioche fabric is so thick and cushy that more than one wrap around a neck would be immobilizing. I think that this is a muffler if ever there was one.

My favorite part of this scarf is the stripy I-Cord edge, the corners, and the way the other color peeks through from the other side. It was my first attempt at brioche. It was a pleasant surprise how quick it was, for a stitch pattern that more or less requires knitting each row twice. I started and restarted several times, until I figured out how to decode and fix mistakes in pattern.

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