Scarving for Attention

I like scarves - I wear one everyday in winter to fill in the neckline of my winter coat, and will often keep it wrapped around my neck in class, or around the house. I've knit four scarves this winter; one I gave a friend, and the other three I've kept.

Here is the most recent, the Lopi Lace Scarf from Weekend Knitting. I used the Lite-Lopi yarn that the pattern called for and a little bit of contrasting dark pink Lamb's Pride for the ends. The simple lace pattern suits the Lite Lopi beautifully - the relative stiffness of the yarn holds the lace holes open just enough, and the flexibility of the lace makes for a very fluid scarf. The color looks pretty much like this in real life - sort of a vibrant blueberry. Yum!

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