Trekking on. . .

Dear Mom,
While you and Dad have been finishing and moving and organizing and entertaining, I've been wrapping up the monthlong party that has been this year's family graduation party season. You guys missed a good party. I missed a bit of the party because of forgetting the time change. Whoops! At least I was not alone - some of our other relatives made the same mistake.

Back home, I've been startling the yard bunnies.
Isn't it cute? There's a nest of them (or would it be a warren?) living somewhere nearby. I see them in herds, ranging across the yard or parking area, fearless and a little scrawny-looking.

I've also been making stuff, mostly inspired by these two bloggers' book:

Actually, I've been making balls of stuff to then use to make stuff. On the right, a Rag Ball. Surprisingly dense and heavy, it would be excellent for throwing. On the left, nylon-potholder- loop yarn. I had a bag leftover from the compulsive potholder making days of yore (yore was orchestra tour, spring 2004). I whipped out one final cotton one, then used the nylon loops that came with the loom to make this very satisfying chain. I'm not sure how far it will go for knitting, but it is very pleasing to look at and set in different places about the apartment as is. Sort of knotty, bright installation art. Would also be fun to chuck at someone.

And I finished the second sock. This was the best picture I could take by myself, and I just realized it I dorked it all up by folding the cuffs down.
The yarn is Trekking XXL, the pattern is pretty much the sock recipe from this book, with a few idiosyncratic twists like continuing the ribbing through the toe, instead of switching to plain stockinette. In retrospect, this makes for an unusual looking toe. But since it doesn't really feel weird, and there are no gaping holes, I'm leaving them as is.

So, what are you going to make first in your new sewing room?

Love, Gwen

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