Dear Mom,

The blog has been quiet - I know I've been keeping a few things on the down-low. I can show you these though:

Tissue holders and a little bag for the birthday of one of my friends here. The handle of the bag is designed to easily button around the handle of one of her larger tote bags. I whipped these out Wednesday night. The photographer at this end has really not been meeting the high bar set by your stylist and photographer.

I've been working on my Socktoberfest socks, but they've been slow-going. I'm hoping to be done with the first one after watching the first game tonight (of the World Series). I have really enjoyed following along on the Flickr group, and seeing everyone's colorful socks.

The babies are keeping an eye on everything too.

Love, Gwen


geni said...

The bag is cute. It is a good design to use on a larger bag. The apple fabric was a great find wasn't it?
I think that cutie g.p. just winked at me. Mom

Big Sky Mountain said...

adorable, and the guinea pig too!