West Virginia Fall

Dear Gwen,
The Fall colors have been spectacular. The leaf color intensity changes according to the mountain side direction and elevation. Dad and I took a bike ride near Ohio Pyle State Park in Pennsylvania. It was a brilliantly clear and crisp day. The trail was busy with many families and groups enjoying the day. At one stop we overheard a family with young children excitedly talking about going to see the otters. Deciding we wanted to see the otters too, we followed them along the bike trail at a respectful distance. At the naturalist sign post we learned it is very rare to see the otters out and about during the day. I hope the kids were not too disappointed. As they scampered around on the rocks by the river we snacked and caught our breath, and then headed back to the car... disappointed not to have seen the otters.

Thank you for the beautiful scarf!



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Anonymous said...

It was a nice day - maybe we should ski out there in January and look for otter tracks in the snow....