Dear Mom,

Last weekend was a sweet one - one dear college roommate married, other old college friends seen and visited with, riding the train south towards home through the familiar blufflands along the Mississippi.

Linen Guest Towels

This was my present to the bride and groom - two linen hand towels for their bathroom (pattern - Moss Grid Hand Towels from Mason-Dixon Knitting). These were a fairly quick knit, but even so, I spent most of the last day before I left furiously knitting to get the second one finished up and into the washing machine. The linen softened up so wonderfully after washing.

While knitting these, I kept thinking of Krtek and his little flaxen pants. My Czech family had a children's book version of this story, and it was a favorite with everyone. I've found it on Youtube auf Deutsch - of course, it really should be Czech.

mit zwo groschen Taschen,

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