Piscatorial pictorial presentation

Good Morning Gwen,

We have had a bit of a theme running through the household the last few weeks.

One fish:
Two Fish:
Three Fish:School of Fish:

These fish were knit by the owner and employees of Millicent's Yarns and More. The fancy fish making a run on the worm is my work also. Joanna did the lovely eye 'make-up' and embellishments on many of the fish before they made their modelling debut. The pattern is published by FiberSpace. Each fish is a unique creation using 100% wool so they felt with a tight surface.

Some other fish spent a vacation at my house too.

Fishie #1 (apologies to Katie for chopping off her head, though her toes appear later)

Fishie #2 (with Gramma-helper)as J works at Beach Sitting 101

I think I see gills on this one.

Love, Mom

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gwendolina said...

Cute display! and cute little swimming fishes too :)