New! Now with 5 fewer fingers per serving!

Wrists are important, and I've always got half an eye on mine. I whipped these up at a birthday party (after the real party part, when we were just watching a dvd - Herzog's documentary on Timothy Treadwell the bear enthusiast, in which Herzog comes out sounding almost equally eccentric, although ultimately, in what proves to be a crucial difference, not eaten by a bear) and an hour or two later that week. I don't know if keeping one's wrists warm really helps the odd twinge, but I think I've noticed a difference.

They're really cozy and yet make me feel sort of tough - like I'm about to get all sweaty dancing around a punching bag. Ha! So far they've spent more time curled around a mug of tea then doing anything truly fierce. They've been called "cool" by the coffeeshop crowd, who collectively have a pretty strong grasp on what is and isn't cool.

The pattern is the 'fingerless mitts' from Weekend Knitting, and the yarn I used is one skein of Nashua Handknits Wooly Stripes (88yds) plus a moeity of leftover Lopi when I ran out. It's not visible in the picture, but this colorway also includes blue, fuschia, and purple - in a felictious turn, the end of the skein where I ran out was purple, the same exact color as the Lopi. It's impossible to tell I switched yarns.

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