Pterodactyls would like this, I think

I have the last of the three scarfs to show you today, but first, a few words:

It picked up a few words that were, well, boring, so I made free and replaced them with words that fit alphabetically. This means that in the interest of true and accurate representation, I feel compelled to use the words "beauty," "bootees," and "pterodactyl." Bootees will pose no problem - I've been making some recently and will post some pictures soon. Mellor's "50 Baby Bootees" is a real beauty of a book. Conceivably one could even convince a pterodactyl to wear some of these bootees of beauty. (I decided to let "objectionable" stand, even though I think it's a blogger word - so maybe I should use that too. I see nothing objectionable in the gratuitous use of words I like. There.)

(Also? I'm really tickled that "atwitter" is first, and "momma" and "shizzle" made it. Also trying to imagine what in the world a lord marker might look like, let alone a large lord marker.)

A(nother) scarf, this one quite long, quite warm, and wooly. Pattern, if you will, here. The yarns, Manos and Peace Fleece, came from my mom's LYS, which we visited together at Thanksgiving. It's nice and long, long enough that I had to block it on the back of the sofa, and quite cushy. The Manos color is "prairie," I believe - the darkest brown looks loamy, like it should smell moist and dark.

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Anonymous said...

Not to be confused with Bootes, home of one of my personal first signs of Summer, Acturus...