Hello, baby

Baby Genius Burpcloth, MasonDixon Knitting

Dear Mom,

I often ask my students to share things when I do attendance, in attempt to build any sort of an esprit de corps. Yesterday morning, the first chilly morning we've had, I asked them to tell us what their favorite item of cold weather clothing is, and why.

Herringbone bootees, 50 Baby Bootees to Knit, Brown Sheep Cotton Fine

The overwhelmingly popular response was "a hoodie." Only a few students said "a sweater," or "scarves," or "mittens."

Cable Socks, 50 Baby Bootees to Knit, Baby Ull

I hope that the baby who I knit these things for is better prepared with more interesting, less carefully anonymous answers to that question when she's 18.

Oh, and we'll teach her to love pie, too. :)


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Anonymous said...

When I went to college, my favorite off-beat cold weather gear were the multi-colored mittens, each a different size that my Grandma T made (at my request).

Also, I don't think one is taught to like pie - it is a genetic predispostion.