Hi Gwen,

Today the sun came out and became the perfect day to catch up on pictures. I am trying to decide if I should proceed in a chronological or thematic manner. My sixth grade training in outlining is rearing its head. Roman numerals and capital A's and B's are floating around.

Let's begin with you....

Your rose socks are terrific. I like the subtle striping of your yarn very much. Thanks for helping me knit my first pair of socks. I especially like the time I called you in your car and you just happened to have the directions with you. After some very pointed questions from me you told me to just do it exactly like they pictured it and it would work. And it did! It was a knitting miracle.

Well, here is my second pair of socks in development...

This pair is knit from the top down. I think it is a minor miracle how the heel turns and off you go knitting the foot. Knitting the heel turn gave me pause a few times. One afternoon while Julie was here I spent a better portion of it charting out the increases and decreases to get the hell (this is a real typo, yikes, the mind too funny sometimes) heel to turn. Thank goodness for the internet research. Of course I had figured out how to do the math a different way using the same directions. Never underestimate the ability of a person (me) to invent another way to do the very thing so carefully described.

I am already thinking ahead to the next time I use this pattern. I wonder if it would be too heavy to continue the slipped stitch pattern on to the bottom of the heel and foot?

The ribbing pattern for the top of the sock will continue on to the instep. The knit-through the-back-of-the-loop on each edge of the rib repeat leaves that little raised pattern. I am enjoying the light striping of this yarn. This is the same Trekking yarn as our socks.

I finished the knitted pouch. This project was done in the denim yarn that is so much fun to knit. I worked on it during Grandpa's surgery and recovery days. No matter what life brings... Remember to Live ,Love, and Laugh. You just never know what miracles are on the way.



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gwendolina said...

I like those socks because we worked on them together as we came and went and traveled this summer - casting on at Grandma's table, working on them here in the coffeeshop, and finishing them up together at your house!