I think it is appropriate that my post to you should be on Mother's Day. I agree that some of my favorite time is spent in the sewing room surrounded by projects in various stages of completion. The only problem is ...I have torn up my sewing room for remodeling. So can we image a room in the future that will be an organized room of creativity? I am sure this will be a good idea in the long run. But as of now it looks like a disaster. Every needle, every skein of yarn, every yard of fabric is living in the dining room for a while.
As a result I have been motivated to look at other projects. So I decided to frame a drawing I did a few years ago. When you were in college your Dad and I would make the 4 hour run back home after dark. On one winter night's trip I was very tired and Dad did all of the driving. We had the radio on a world music broadcast. I sat quietly listening to the music and looking out the window. As we drove along I realized that I was only able to see quick glimpses of barnyards lit by yardlights. They flashed by, revealing dim soft-edged images of these rural lives. Each barnyard was unique. In the darkness each would register on my mind like an old flickering black and white movie. This is my favorite memory of the car trips to see you.

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