Socked in

Dear Mom,

I'm back after seeing you yesterday at the first of the graduation parties! I've spent Memorial Day remembering (and washing) the laundry that I'd forgotten about in the back of my closet, and reading on the porch. I finished reading this book this morning - I know I read an excerpt from it somewhere before, maybe in one of your magazines? I would recommend it, but I know you and Dad are reacquainting yourselves with the old books now that they are unpacked.

Mimi the visiting cat's window-watching habit payed off on Saturday:

The squirrel stuck and frantic, made Mimi's week! The squirrel was much less amused by the encounter.

Here's a porch picture in exchange for yours:

Still-life with sock and marigolds. I started this sock after the semester's end, so all the vibes knit into it were relaxed and non-twitchy, admirable qualities in a sock, I believe. I think they'll be lovely to wear when it's not 94 degrees.


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