A Look To the Future

I have enjoyed hearing about your porch garden. This is our deck garden. We have had such cool weather that the plants are somewhat dormant. I am getting new blooms but no growth. Do you see the rhododendron? I feel very southern being able to choose this plant now that I am in a new temperature zone. I may even investigate azaleas . A house up the street has spectacularly vibrant colors of azaleas. Last year we moved to this house after the blooming season of most plants. I have now enjoyed seeing white(and pink) dogwoods, rhododendrons, the magenta of the eastern redbud lining the highways, magnolias taller than roof lines, and the lush drooping flowers of the black locust trees. I am constantly reminded that this ecosystem is very different than the prairies of the Midwest.
I have to give you a sewing/reading/projects/cats sleeping in sunshine room update. We emptied the room out on Saturday. By Sunday night we had painted the walls and laid the parquet floor. I am thrilled to not have to hunt straight pins in a carpet. After Dad was done installing the floor I noticed that it resembled a lovely faded rail fence quilt. Very appropriate don't you think? I now want to go in search of warm creamy yellow and tan fabrics.

The cutting table will be made out of the solid maple door we recycled from the old house. It will be fastened to an open storage frame on casters for easy manueverability. The other furniture is designed as a series of cubes and cubbies for storage and support of work surfaces.
I love your portrait of the Kenmore machine. That machine is such a workhorse. It has successfully sewn doll cloths, yards of curtains, underwear, street clothing, ripped jeans, upholstery material for a couch and chair, quilts, an heirloom bridal dress, church bazaar projects, and 4-H fair entries. And I love how it hums along when it is running. May its projects and years be many and long. Yours too, my dear.

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gwendolina said...

Both "rooms" look great! The verdure on the deck looks positively tropical! I love the muslin-quilt sewing room. It is indeed very appropriate. Now you get the fun of filling it back up!