Sartor Restartus

Hi Mom!

I'm so excited you've agreed to co-blog (or cob-log) with me. After talking to you on the phone last night, I started thinking about how this will be a new beginning for the blog. I am suddenly brimming over with ideas to write about and share with you; one of the great things about writing back and forth is the easy sense of an audience (although I know you and Dad were reading before!).

For the blog, it is a new start, or at least, a new set of clothes. I started thinking about Thomas Carlyle's Sartor Resartus. The title means 'the tailor retailored,' and refers in part, to this very philosophical, very odd book's "Clothes Philosophy": the appearance of things (clothing) is different from their reality (the body underneath). I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this, but I'd like to hope that our "clothes philosophy" can be two-fold. I know we both like to make our daily surroundings more pleasant by thinking about the appearance of things, and that we both find great joy in unleashing an inner creative reality. I hope that writing about what we're doing and thinking about on this blog will encourage us both into new creative outfits. It will be a virtual version of the old sewing room!

So, here's to you Mom! I checked the blog settings, and I think we're good to go except for one thing - which of our time zones should we choose?



Carl Rudy said...

Go Eastern. It's what all the cool people do.

Katie Rudy said...

I'm so excited about your cooperation here. I look forward to reading bits of your creative lives and, might I add, look especially forward to culinary creations that I might read about. Or are you going with a theme that might not include such a thing?